Sawtooth started out as a registered investment adviser offering clients multi-strategy investment solutions.  To support our growth, Sawtooth needed a strong open architecture product deck, a robust back-office engine, and a client-focused reporting portal.  Rather than developing technologies in house, we chose to adopt a best of breed approach. Our integrated tools enable advisors to easily implement their offering while introducing the pillars of an institutional framework: definable and repeatable business processes.

Today, Sawtooth offers a single web-based Unified Managed Accounts (UMA) platform which allows advisors to manage all of their clients in one place – regardless of account type or custodian. Sawtooth delivers consistency and accuracy in the reporting process and aggregates client data into a beautiful and easy to understand format. Sawtooth provides registered investment advisors (RIAs), broker-dealers, and banks with flexible solutions to attract and retain the best advisors, enable more effective business process management, accelerate client acquisition, and gain end-to-end visibility into firm-level assets under management. The results are streamlined processes, predictable recurring revenue, and consistently excellent client service.

Sawtooth offers access to a robust catalogue of investment strategies and the tools you need to use them. Our trading system was custom built to meet the demands of the UMA framework; we can trade multiple strategies within a single account and your models can be traded independently or in conjunction with any of our other models. All of our managers are carefully vetted by our investment committee and compliance department so that we can offer a wide variety of quality investment options you can use to meet each clients needs effectively.


Sawtooth’s back office support services will streamline your business processes and get you back to growing your company. Our operations specialists are experts in account opening and administration through any major custodian. We will walk you through the necessary paperwork and help set up accounts in the most efficient way possible. The flexible and accurate billing process we use saves you valuable time and is less expensive than trying to handle billing yourself. We can customize the billing process to meet your requirements and make the transition to Sawtooth as seamless as possible.


Our web based reporting portal offers on demand reports at the account, household or firm level. Reports are fully customizable; we can brand them to match your standards and create reports that include the specific content you want to show. Virtually any data related to your clients can be displayed through our reporting system. We will work with you to create reports that meet your needs and client’s expectations.


The Sawtooth platform brings a suite of tools to help reach new clients and grow your business. Our unique prospecting tools and proposal generation system allow you to connect with new opportunities, gather information about potential clients, and quickly develop models to fit their profile. With our technology, you can plan, prospect, and propose at the click of a button.


With Sawtooth, you’re not locked into a proprietary technology system. We integrate Best-of-Breed solutions to provide the services you need – all delivered through a single platform.
Sawtooth is the only UMA (unified managed account) platform that utilizes a true hub and spoke approach to its technology. Our platform is built around CRM (the “hub”) and Best-of-Breed software components (the “spokes”). By integrating the spokes, we extend the power of Salesforce and provide an all inclusive, easy to use practice management solution. Because we are integrators, not developers, our technology can adapt much faster and be customized more effectively than a single proprietary system.  We believe technology is meant to make running your business easier and more efficient, so we work with you to create a solution that best matches your needs. We manage that system on our end so you don’t have to spend your time and money on extra IT support. With Sawtooth technology you will be able to manage your growing business, service your clients more effectively, and focus your time on generating new leads and closing deals.

We know there is no off-the-shelf solution that will work exactly the way you need it to. Let us configure a solution to meet all of your needs today, knowing we can add functionality as your needs change.

Let us show you how we can work together to build a stronger more powerful wealth management business.

In a 30 minute demo, you’ll see how we can configure a best of breed solution, personalized to meet your needs.